Is there a parking lot? How many spaces are there?
There is a free parking for up to 50 vehicles; no reservations required.
Is there a pick up/drop off service?
There is a free pick up/drop off service that operates to and from in front of Kushiro Station during the winter season from December 31st. *Confirmation/reservations required
Is there an open-air bath?
There is one each for the men and women.
Are there any leisure or hands-on activity facilities nearby?
A gymnasium, sports ground, tennis courts (fee required), horse-riding (fee required), diving (fee required), canoeing (fee required), pottery making (fee required) and soba making (fee required) are all available. Arrangements can be made, please ask a staff member.
Can credit cards be used?
JCB, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, UC, DC, Diners, UFJ, Ginren credit cards, and debit cards are all accepted.
What is the hot spring especially good for?
The Kawayu hot-spring water, with its high pH value of 1.5, has excellent antiseptic properties and is said to be particularly effective against skin disorders. Recently, effects against diseases associated with lifestyle, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, have also been noted when the spring water is consumed.
Can dinner be taken in the guest rooms?
Both dinner and breakfast can be enjoyed in the restaurant, or for those who prefer to relax a little more, in the privacy of your own room.
Which season is the best to visit?
Since Kawayu Onsen is located amid abundant natural surroundings, each season has its own appeal - such as the forests in spring and summer, the colorful foliage in autumn and the diamond dust in winter. Refresh yourself with a walk in the forest; marvel at the autumn leaves around Mt. Iou, or see the diamond dust with your own eyes in the severe mid-winter.
What's the situation regarding the use of foreign languages at the hotel?
As well as Japanese, English is also spoken.
What items are loaned out at the reception desk?
Hairdryers, humidifiers, air purifiers, wheelchairs, baby bouncers, bathchairs (limited numbers) are available.
Can wheelchairs be used in the hotel?
Wheelchairs can be used in the lobby, elevators, the entrance to the guest rooms, and the restaurant but there are steps inside the Japanese-style rooms and grand bathhouse.
Can parcels be sent by courier from the hotel?
Arrangements can be made in the shop.
Can luggage be sent in advance to the hotel?
Yes. Please write the name of the person in which the reservation was made and the date of the reservation on the sending slip.
Can luggage be kept at the hotel before checking in or after checking out?
Arrangements can be made at the reception desk.
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